Looking to work with an experienced growth marketer and startup mentor?

I help fast-growing startups scale with paid ads; and established companies solve their paid acquisition challenges.

In the past 6+ years, I have:
✅ Successfully managed $5m+ in ad spend with Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit and Quora ads.
✅ Driven millions of installs and new users for mobile apps
✅ Helped increase company revenue by 400%
✅ Increased efficiency of several paid ads campaigns which resulted in 187% and 65% respective increase in conversions
✅ Mentored startups from 5 different countries
✅ Lectured regularly on paid acquisition strategies and tactics

I'm open to:


Consulting icon

Hands-on execution or strategy

Helping you and your team overcome any challenges you might have with paid acquisition with consulting on strategy, direction, tactics and best practices.

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Lectures & workshops

Tailor-made training for you or your team members. Bringing the current best practices in a fun and interactive lecture or workshop.

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Conferences & events

I like giving talks or keynote presentations that entertain and inspire, but also give the audience clear takeaways and action points.

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One-off or long-term sessions

I enjoy mentoring and helping people get unstuck. I offer 1:1 mentoring sessions where we can talk about growth related questions, as well as general career advice.

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I worked with folks from:

Unsure of what you need my help with? No worries, let's set up an introduction call and figure out how I can help you. Get in touch at pave@pavesturman.com