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About me

I've had the privilege to speak at many events throughout my career so far. I enjoy giving back to the community and love to connect with attendees to share knowledge and experiences.

I’m open to speak at both in-person and online conferences & events. I also enjoy giving talks at universities or schools.

My talks focus on sharing the latest and greatest growth marketing knowledge to help startups move faster and companies innovate with their marketing strategies.

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I'm open for:


🔵  Keynote presentations
🔵  Panel discussions
🔵  Talks & Webinars
🔵  Workshops
🔵  Lectures

Topics I cover:


🔵  Scaling startups with paid ads
🔵  Paid acquisition
🔵  Facebook ads & Google Ads
🔵  Growth Marketing Strategies & Tactics
🔵  Experimentation and A/B tests


What people said

“Top! Very detailed, professional, experienced. Many, many thanks to the lecturer for such selfless sharing of knowledge and experience!”
“very detailed and useful lecture, Pave was excellent!”
“Excellent, concrete, specific and applicable in practice”
“brilliant and very useful lecture!!!”


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