Besides my full-time job, I like to build projects on the side. You can find things I work(ed) on here, which are mainly no-code projects and builds.

These projects are a result of my curiosity and the need to continually build something on my own. When I get interested in a tool/product/industry, I have to try it out - I learn as much as I can about it and then build something around it.

I will keep updating this list as I build more stuff.

GrowthJobs is a job board for discovering roles in growth, including marketing, product, business growth, and sales. Still a work in progress.
Built using no-code tools - Softr, Bardeen and Airtable.

.decimal - personal finance app

.decimal is a no-fluff, easy to use expense tracker. I couldn't find a clean & simple app to replace my manual process of updating a spreadsheet with my expenses - so I built one!
Built using Glide.
Some demo photos below.

A website for my consulting business, called ATHOS Media. I work with clients on their growth marketing activities and help them grow their business.
The website was built using a simple and easy-to-use builder called Carrd.

A website with all the relevant information about Istria, Croatia. Sightseeings, places to visit, restaurants, coffee shops, wineries, oil mills, tours, day trip ideas, etc.

Still under construction.


Here are some articles I've written about my projects:

Creating my websiteProjects

I have been toying with the idea of having my own website and sharing my thoughts on it for a long while, but never really got around to it. I recently decided it’s time to stop the excuses and just start writing and sharing my thoughts...



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