Mentoring sessions

I want to put my knowledge and experience to good use by helping other get unstuck. I have personally benefited from my previous mentors, and I want to pay it forward.
Also, by helping other people and startups I get a chance to further improve my own coaching and mentoring skills, which I find very valuable.

I can help marketers and startups with paid acquisition, optimizing their current growth efforts, finding the right opportunities, and help them prioritize.

I would love to help you with any problems you might have around paid acquisition, PPC campaigns, email marketing, growth, digital analytics or landing page optimization.

You can book a mentoring session with me through the platform, or through the Seedstars platform.

Alternatively, you can contact me directly to discuss me mentoring you or someone on your team.

I am open to mentoring startups and marketers in SaaS, Fintech, Edtech and consumer app industries.

I can help with:


🔵  PPC Strategies & Tactics - includes setup, tracking, optimization, executing, reporting
🔵  All major ad platforms - Facebook (Meta) Ads, Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, Reddit Ads, Quora Ads
🔵  Growth Marketing - I can help ideate, strategize, optimize your current growth efforts, provide suggestions
🔵  Experimentation - defining the process, prioritizing, evaluating results
🔵  Conversion Rate & Funnel Optimization - analyze your funnel, suggest improvements and reduce friction for users


What my mentees said

“I met with Pave to analyse our baseline metrics against the AAARRR framework and discuss how we could improve performance for each stage of the funnel. He came well-prepared to the session and asked questions ahead of time that meant I was also better prepared. During the session he gave me lots of actionable advice and suggestions, and it was useful to bounce ideas of someone with experience. I would recommend Pave as a Growth Mentor for anyone in SaaS wanting to grow their funnel.”
Hollie Y.
“That was a very good session where I had answers to my questions and other extra inputs. I felt confident I was talking to a knowledgeable person who loves what he does and will reach out to Pave again in the future for sure.”
Myriam M.
“Actionable & Pave was right down to business. Gave great insight on metrics & actions to review and access if the campaigns are performing well. I look forward to scheduling another session.”
Amber C.
“My session with Pave was packed with value! He walked me through his methodology of analysis on an actual Google Ads campaign and offered many practical steps I could take to improve performance. He also shared many insights around keyword research, bidding, and testing, along with sharing some helpful follow-up resources. I can’t recommend Pave enough!”
Ani T.

Have further questions or want to discuss specifics? Reach out to me at