I Have a New Job!

July 15, 2021

Two weeks ago (July 1st) I started my new job - as a Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Photomath. Photomath is a startup from Croatia that developed a mobile app that scans math problems and gives instant solutions, along with step-by-step instructions. If you’re interested, you can check it out here.

The process

The whole selection and my decision-making process lasted a very short amount of time - it took only 2 weeks from their first contact with me to me accepting the offer. 

First, they got in touch with me on Linkedin and told me about the position they had and wanted to know if I was interested. After the first phone call with their talent acquisition specialist, we arranged a first video call with the head of the team that I would be working closely with. Then, I had another video call with the hiring manager, after which I received the assignment that they wanted me to work on. It was more of a technical test and a way for them to better understand me and my way of thinking, as well as my skills. After a few days, I presented my solution to my hiring manager and his manager, and two days after that I received an offer! 

I was satisfied with the offer, but I still needed to take a day or two to think it through. 24 hours later, I emailed them back and accepted the offer. 

1 month of notice period later, I started working at Photomath from July 1st.

Why did I decide to change jobs?

In short, I felt like it was the right next step for me. 

At the time of their first contact, I was already looking at other opportunities to apply for and I was ready to leave my previous job. When I was trying to think about where would I like to work, the answer was always startups. I realized the corporate (banking) culture wasn’t for me, I much prefer the more dynamic and faster culture in startups. Also, working at a startup usually comes with much more autonomy and responsibility, which is also something I was looking for.

Besides wanting to move into startup land, I wanted to switch to a Growth Marketing position. Before that, I mainly worked in digital advertising and analytics. Most of the time, I worked on user acquisition and had no way of impacting the rest of the user’s journey. With growth marketing, I can now work on the whole user’s journey and have an even bigger impact. 

First two weeks

These first 2 weeks mostly consisted of onboarding meetings, getting to know the important dashboards and tools, figuring out how everything works. 

I’ve met a lot of different people, mainly team leads, who have talked to me about their team, what do they do, how might I have some need for them, and examples of our possible future collaboration. I find this extremely useful, as it gives me a rough idea about what is each team responsible for, and who I should contact with any questions about their respective fields. 

What’s next?

Next in store for me is to take over certain projects and do some actual work 😄 

After the initial onboarding and numerous talks with my manager about the situation, tools, setup, thoughts, and ideas, I feel like I’m ready to take over and manage projects and start contributing to the company.

I’m assuming some more time will pass before I can completely take over and have full autonomy, mainly because I’m missing the historical context about a lot of things, as I have just recently joined. 

Nevertheless, I am very excited to dive deeper into my new job responsibilities, and can’t wait to see what results I can bring to Photomath!

Thank you for reading, see you in the next one!




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